Wednesday, July 6

Qui est que ca veut dit BERSIH?

Bismillahirrahman Nir Rahim,

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Bonsoir, comment ca va?

It has been pretty some times since I've left my last steps here. well, i guess im gonna start to count it again and manage it well this time.

Alors! how are you guys out there?

Emm. actually, i'm gonna write about thoughts, decision, moratorium & timing.

first thing first, as a matter of fact, these rattles are nothing more than just my mere lame personal thoughts that might or might not be true and applicable at all. However, lately, since the case of BERSIH getting hot into the air and swayed some guys; it calls me to write a little of my thought about it.

thus, to be bare in mind, this is not a blueprint of perfectness.

1. well, to made it much smooth here, shall be pointed some of the factors that need to be seen before doing some decision.

i like it to be put under the heading of Thought & decision.

mere enough, some thoughts might change the world as well as swap it out. so which of which might lead to the best?

it came to me (and most of all) to decide which of which. simply these are the variables that need to be plain-ed before making an act:

i. aim
ii. objectives
iii. methodology
iv. expected benefits
v. foreseen casualties
vi. costs (human & non-human costs)
vii. alternative ways
viii. most importantly (but sorry to be put as the last) the shariah that covers all perspective of the acts

i'm leaving it to you guys to decipher & entails much more of the points.

remember, expressing your thought is not wrong. but giving the wrong thought is wrong. so its a matter of way of thinking isnt it? anyway, its not being narrow-minded here, its just the orientation of people making decision

2. now move into the moratorium & timing. alors, some time we are running out of time, but mostly, we have to be a sort of retard to say that we need time and the perfect timing is much more important than a mere sudden unexpected and undesirable acts giving like a hell of effects. :P (sorry for my french)

if even its much practised ever-since and proven to be highly effective; we've heard from our ancestors (very very old guys) that a crowd is more important than a batalion? a march is more vital than a memorandum. in deed, our apostles never use such act to ask for any subjugation. thats really 'inplausible'. and lots of ayyah tells us more about this. Tahaa as example in which Allah asks Harun & Musa to subjugate its will to Allah and persuade Pharaoh back to the righteous path. and He verily never ask these Rasuls to march to the pharaoh for doing so.

logically, during the time, lots of peoples were devastated to turn Pharaoh down, so gathering such crowd is easier than thought. but its not the way.

now lets speak again about BERSIH.

A. its a very nice intention and well planned. but, still. its not the right way to be done with. and here are the reasons:

i. it might have hidden agenda behind it since after all, the upper strata insisting on marching down the hill in spite of other alternative had been proposed.
ii. most of the benefits is self-sided (pertaining to the left parties) and not going to satisfy us in another 10 years. never onwards. (the want the opposition to win since this shows its equality and justice) thats not the case that guarantee our needs later on. Islam shall be denied! thats a total misleading acts
iii. the down-hill march just a miserable acts to our economical and democratic afflictions with international parties that will stay down & low in our next-economical funds. so what shall be happening next? ah ha? no more money? haha
iv. lastly, and most importantly, its not the way as what we have been asked to do so.

I leave the rest for you to figure it out. it's an actions that we have been calling for. row it or leave it?

p.s: play your role. wassalam

source: Al-quran, Hadis, Memorandum 4 our thoughts & Israel tactics...

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