Wednesday, October 20

Thought NYER


This was me and my frens.... some of my frenz actually... when we are in our 1st sem of 1st year.. it was in 2008


nak berangan sikit..... hehe
like people said....... most people say lah.. but not all....but yet, to be recall.....

it sounds like this....

all are meant to be,

to be followed as a flow,

to be felt as a blow...

this is a cycle of life... macam protoza.....

i met some docs that ive known since my first year here... and we havent met for a year.... and she still stays the same, the warmth, beauty, lovely and all good good good things are still on.. i could grasp in her....

but me, like anyone does or perhaps going to be????????... huhu.....

and then teringat pasal myself waktu first met her... till now...

this wasnt exactly waktu i met her.. but it's taken almost a month before....

so teringat about those and still thinking about me

im old.... aging or perhaps i like to be called as senior... haha... gosh... any means, thats not the thing...

do i changed? a lot? perhaps... not a step... or much... is it physical... psychological.... i dunt even know..... does anyone?

this is wat we meant to be... as all trees, fruits, flies (any vectors eg anopheles or culex etc)... they got to do.. wat they need to.... child, young, youth or sporozoite, trophozite or wateva Prof Helen called it (she's nice.. but the protozoa stages; sounds like alien for me .... an alien name) they still go to where they flew...... uhhhhhh

and this wat i have asked me.. myself.... in the noon, of the dark... looking through the windows of the past.....

do i got the chance to be brought? do i got the chance to be proud? or mostly, do i have a time to...... getting old day after day... shall i be where........

uhhh..... nice thought for today... let bring another one later....

william said that IM NOT A MAN OF WORD...... i think its true....

Friday, April 16

fuhh.. fuhhh........... its dusty around here... wat made it so?????


A cat runs bad,
The time to be read,
Yet fore-comers still nap.

Ship sailed away,
Passengers swayed to the day,
Till they been astray.

Cloud still there,
Enunciating the weather to where,
But the drought was there.

hehe.. nih poem for the last 2 months... haha.... hope everyone likes it...

Monday, February 1

Yg terakhir dan yang paling bahagia

M.A.Z.: Salam, abah sehat?

Abah: alhamdulillah abah sehat. Nilah mal, ubat injection abah nih, kalo pakai lat lat boleh ke? sekarang nih baguslah. abah punya kencing m anis dah x tinggi.

M.A.Z.: akmal pon x tahulah bah. akmal x de bacaan gula abah. kalau abah selalu baca gula abah. Bolehlah kot. tapi akmal nasihatkan ikut macam doktor arahkan. Abah dah jumpa doktor? Surat ubat yang akmal hntar kat abah dah tunjuk ke dengan doktor?

Abah: Belom lagilah, abah jumpa minggu depan ni, hari selasa. Nanti abah tunjukkan. Tapi, aritu abah ada pergi ambik ubat kat hospital. abah tunjuk dengan ornag pharmacy pasal surat Natrylex eh (sebutannya Natrilex) tu. die kata, ubat ni x de kat hospital.

M.A.Z: Abah. kalo x de, abah beli jelah ubat tu kat luar. ubat tu lagi bagus dari ubat kencing abah (Furosemide). ubat ni x de kesan pada gula. dulu, akmal takut kencing manis abah tinggi sebab makan ubat furosemide tu.

Abah: Yeke. patutlah. Abah dulu kencing manis tinggi 12,13. tinggi ke?

M.A.Z: Tinggi jugak. tapi x pe je...... Abah kene jaga makan. kalau inject sebelom makan, pastikan abah makan lepas tu. Jangan tak makan. Nanti abah pengsan.

Abah: yerlah, doktor kat hospital pon cakap macam tu. tapi abah x pengsan pon. hehe (abah ketawa)

M.A.Z.:Memang x pengsan lagi. nanti kalo dah pengsan kan susah. Kaki abah x bengkak, jantung x sakit ke? abah dah makan?

Abah: Abah sehat. Kaki elok je, cuma abah ada sakit kat sendi lah. lepas bertukang reban kambing tu. abah sakit sendi.

M.A.Z.: Abah makan ubat cholesterol lagi ke (Lovastatin)?

Abah: makan, tapi kenkadang, abah makan pagi.. doktor suruh makan malam. tak pe kan?

M.A.Z.: X berkesan kalo makan pagi. sebab abah akan buat cholesterol pada waktu tido. jadi, kalo makan waktu tido, lagi effektif?

Abah: apa?

M.A.Z: Lagi eeeeffeeekkkttttiiiiffff (sebab tenet sangkut, aku terpaksa menslowkan perkataan)

Abah: Oh.. defektif ek....

M.A.Z.: lebih kuranglah. abah sakit sendi lagi ke?

Abah: sakit jugak. tapi sekarang dah tak sakit. aritu jer waktu bertukang

M.A.Z.: Abah makan ubat cholesterol x hari ni?

Abah: Makan.

M.A.Z.: Harini sakit x otot?

Abah: X sakit pulak. aritu je sakit

M.A.Z.: Ubat tu ada kesan sakit pada badan. kalo ada sakit lagi, mintak doktor tukarkan ubat je. lagipon ada je ubat laen yg x bagi kesan macam tu.

Abah: Oh. nanti kalo ada, abah cakap ngn doktor. Kalo abah x makan ubat tu je x pe ke? kalo abah makan lat lat je. selang-selang. bagus kan?

M.A.Z.: X tahulah bah, akmal x tahu cholesterol abah.

abah: cholesterol abah rendah.

M.A.Z.: makan jelah dulu bah, kalo ada sakit baru cakap dengan doktor suruh tukar ubat. Abah kaki x bengkak kan. ada bersenam x?

Abah: ada, abah bersenam yoga jelah. macam yg dulu tu

MA.Z.: Abah boleh lompat x? sepoloh kali je sehari.

Abah: 100 kali pon boleh insha allah.

M.A.Z.: Abah lompat ye 10 kali je sehari. akmal nak darah abah lancar. tu je....

Abah: insha allah. Nah.. cakap ngn mak. abah nak g dapo nih. Ko dah makan?

M.A.Z: Akmal ( x ingat jawapan apa yg aku beri). abah makan apa? abah ada kawan kirim salam. nama dia kudus

Abah: abah makan (pon xingt abah jawap apa). Kirim salam kat kawan-kawan ye. Semua.

Yerlah, sembahyang jngan tinggal,jaga diri baik-baik, beljar rajin-rajin, abah sayang anak anak abah. nah cakap ngn mak

M.A.Z : akmal pon sayang abah gak. jaga diri. Akmal sayang semua.

Teringat pulak janji dengan abah. teringat lak harapan abah. Ya Allah.. bantulah kami semua ke jalan yang benar..


Sunday, January 17

fLEw away fROm tHE rEst.... bUT sTill gOEs to the NEst



A picture speaks a thousand words.... aper yg aku rasa waktu nih are:

1. naperlah aku jumper THIS waktu aku kat mesir.. kan best kalo aku jumper since aku sekolah menengah dulu

2. kiter ader banyak persamaan, tapi itu x penting sangat.. yg penting is kita accept each other.. n that touch my soul....

3. kiter saling bantu membantu dan paham each other... walopon gado.. itu hanyalah gado miaw miaw jer... sebab tuh.. aku sayang semuer....

sebenarnya tujuan aku tulis post ini adalh untuk cakap.. yg aku sayang semuer kawan aku yg ader kat dalam picture tuh or x der dalam tuh seperti

an an (anis)
hur hur (hur)
ana ana (farhana)
ie ie (iezaty)
na na (nadia wonder gurl)
are are (areqa come_)
ir ir (irna m_ch_)
di di (diba m_ao_)

termasuk gak
ab ab (abu)
kud kud (kudus)
ba ba(baem)
af af (afiq)
khairi (ery ery)

lUQ luQ (bthday boy)

hehe.. jngn marah yer.. aku letak sesajer jer.... aku sayang korang semuer.... aku minx maaf kalo ader sesaper terasa hati sebab aku dah lama x happening cam dulu... hehehe

Friday, January 8

Make hIm BlURR

It shows a family that used to live by the river... there's a boy there....n this is how his life goes on it shows a guy that used to live away from the jungle, near to the river where he used to spare most of his time.

There are lots of peoples that used to live in the jungle... not exactly IN THE JUNGLE... but near to it... nearby or watever u called it, doesnt matter.

He looks the jungle as a terrifying place to be. as he was never been there or never intending to be there....

On a single day that was nearly forgotten by mankind.... THEY BELIEVE ON THAT there is something PRECIOUS inside the jungle that could help all the residence to keep on living in a better way.

Pathetically, none of the, volunteered to make their journey for THAT thing. Not to mention those whom living nearby the jungle... INstead... they simply chose him to find it....

HE REFUSE IT for many times... keep doing anything that could make him 'astray' from being selected by the residence for doing something that was so sinister to him....

Those residence have no idea on what's gonna happen later on... he is not used to be there.... he will never intending to be there............. AND YET, THEY STILL LET THEM DOING WAT HE HATE THE MOST...

so, cynically, he did gone into the jungle... insisting to cover-up his freaking fright side and seek for that precious thing.....

on the early spell into the ENTRANCE of the jungle..... he saw that the road is diverging into two...... make his journey more and more tough and a little bit loathing (if he may say so)

n this make he thinks....

thinks thinks n keep thinking....

as he went so blurr.... he just made it up to his instinct

well, simply his lucky charm let him chose the second light road....

he went more further deeper into the jungle.... he met all kinds of 'things' as HE keep on...

suddenly, out of the blue... he found there is something

A VERY something that

that make he thinks

think of something that