Monday, March 30

I'm soRry


Sometimes, we just got tempered with something that we weren’t suppose to. It wasn’t the first time since the promise I made to not get devoured by anger without clear intention to certain situation. Ahh…..
I just felt so useless since I broke that part of not getting anger…..
People sometimes keeps pushing us to accept our first thought that might be elicited by mistakes as what I did. And seems that I really wanna undo that part by convincing others on how bad the decision will lead us to be, I need to stress it. But, I suppose not to OVER-DO it.
And the bad part is I did that………
Shame on me……. I even attempted to correct the HUMAN ERRORS I’ve made… But, the mere self-fish of mine seems to be lot merrier to me than the way to confess that I’m wrong…….
Of course, it’s the bad part of mine and shall not ever gonna be happen again…………. I’m sorry………
My deepest apology given to whom I’ve made that bad habits to…………. I’m seeking the honor of you to receive me as friend as always………..

Friday, March 20


Culture Shock?
Was such an amusement for me in my secondary school if I ever heard any of such a shock. Well, it’s irrelevant thought that said that it is really happened to someone in any sudden change of the native condition. I rather will think on any other physical shocks that are seen, audible any understandable. However, as time passes, I think that I’m going to accept the thought of that. It could clearly seen and understandable now.
Sudden mere change in the surroundings will surely affect the reactivity of anything within its ‘territory’. Cell for example will be injured, if exposure of any injuries agents happens. The same goes tp the sheer human beings, as they are multi-cellular. Of course, the building unit is somehow will related to the structure built in any means. Here, I’m taking the ‘injurious agents’ as the sudden change of human surrounding environments and the ‘injuries’ as any unfavorable changes occur to the human.
It can’t be denied by anyone that the international students will have big amounts of cash as allowances were given to them in advanced. The same goes here in which I’m going to dictate about. For some international student; those whom never have any advanced money as such (me for example) will have a temptation to spend it leisurely. But, the correct path must be decided in which will determines the smoothness of the student life overseas.
As the sudden change of human surroundings implies, any change could happen to the human as reflection to them. Regardless, personality change is possible somehow and even the sanity in terms of how they lived are liable to transform. It will never be any disturbance for me if ‘that’ pointing to the right means. What makes me feel so disappointed here is ‘that’ leads to the negativity impact.
They should try to abstain themselves and try to think it over and over again whether what they going to do and what they have done are right or not. I’m not denying the fact that the peers could handle them by motivating their ‘prone’ friends. However, shall that ever-lasting. It might be our faults. Yes, I admit that. But the attempts that we have done in order to make them realizes must be taken into consideration if they say any of it.
Lastly, I really want to wish the changed people to have the best from what they have now. Try to go on with your live with much more careful. Try not to stick with what you are used to if that wasn’t good. Please. This is just an advice given by a friend. I’m so sorry for any part in which I was involved in making you like a such. My deepest apology my friend! Shall you be blessed. Amin

Thursday, March 12

It makes me HOT?

Be contented for what you have!

The reputation of the university in which the scholar will be enrolled in will be such a most debatable question. Furthermore, it’s much easier to find any blog(s) or even forum(s) that keep arguing about this particular.
Alexandria University of Egypt of course was not an exceptional for this event. Even my course-mates keen on surveying the latest issues spread about the university pessimistically. I’m not with him and with others who are related to these ‘humiliation’ to the university.
I’m fixed with my own indication. Those who are in the university but have no feelings of gratitude of it; how shamed you should be. In fact, you have reasons to stay there for none! Well speaking about the facts that the university facilities is not up to your standard of qualification. Such an embarrassment for a mere human thought.
Let have this all in hand, first about the standard of satisfaction that they keep babbling about. Let me answer this with a stimulation; please take any university as example that has all educator power in a lab as a doctor at least. Stop thinking that you may give it a muse! It’s such a granted that we are studying here in which none but all doctors are standing in a lab. I was in UM, the university serves us as a PASUM students by placing a single professor with 5-6 diploma holders. I do think that the university in which we are now is much better.
They were talking that there were no system applied to the university. Well, it’s truth with a little correction; they were lack of system application applied to the organization. But, you must know the historical background of the IMUP (International Medical Undergraduate Programme), it’s just started less than a decade before. What did you expecting from the pioneer University that has the Integrated Programme of the Medical Studies? The study of the mere human itself need 6 years of thereotical and additional 3 years of application (clinical years is also considered as a theoretical years). However, the university in turn has being polite to us by considering the ideas and suggestions that we made. Don’t tell me that you don’t even know that the 1st and 3rdyears of examinational day was totally on our decision. What else do you expecting? I don’t even think that any other university could treat us as more as it has.
Other subjective that has been the most debatable question is the usage of the Arabic Language in the lecture. I really want to know who elicit this as a point of refuge to against the benefits of the Alex University, really pathetic for me. Our lecturers have only used less than 10% throughout their lecture. It’s not a biggie. But, I do understand the silver shines of the students here that want to comprehend 100% in hand before the upcoming lectures. Why don’t you ask them to translate politely. At least, you could study a phrase of Arabic Language. It’s also feasible to you to ask our Egyptian colleagues to make us understand. You totally need to get used with the Arabic Language for our clinical year however later.
Any other argument, you should comment it here. I’m waiting for as many as possible responses.

Mind to give a help?


Being one of the youth outside the world of yours surely keep your mind stick to the ideas debated in your country even you’ll fell more responsive than others; usually. I’m as one of the Malaysians, admit that; to read the current issues of the country is tough. But, to think of it is just a part of me. I do even keep a minor of my study times to think and imagine on the life progression there.
To be frank, I’m happy that I was born in a tremendous country as Malaysia. Everyone should, I suppose. But, the latest position of the Malaysians on the eyes of the world has sunk me down. Of course I’m speaking of the citizens of the Malaysia.
All the country with the similar grade of life styles and accommodation, technology and development as well as hospitality services has only a single variable left to be compared among each other; the citizens. Thus, makes the community education ‘profitable’ to any country as a such.
For Malaysia, I’m glad that I was there. In fact, I gave the Ministry of Education such an honour of mine due to its great and massive shift that was done academically and even spiritually that reflected by the personality of the each individuality of the students there.
Make our conversation more specific, I felt pleased to the accreditation of the world to the educational status of Malaysia. Make me indeed more likely to speak about the spiritual force of the each individuality of the youth that I could see via the media that I only have nowadays instead of the academic stuff. And make it clear that anything that I said here is also a reflection of mine for sure.
Its still solely not depends on the program organized by any organization to build up the criteria of a well-rounded school leavers. Much specific, it depends almost 68% on each inner force to build it up (other percentages for surroundings including family, peers, situation and condition). I do aware that not all people have same inner force to shine over the good criteria of a person. However, we could make it together by all means. Don’t you think so?
I read on a forum written by a Malaysian that willing to make use of his own body to earn money for ‘living’s sake’ by becoming a ‘gigollo’. I was shocked abruptly. I do think that you even surd more than me on why. It makes me confused because I was never read any forum like there in such a website. It’s pretty enough to make me feel curious about it. I start to message this guy and ask a little bit more detail about him. Absolutely, the same lame and usual reasons given to me; in seeking my sympathy to help him out. I knew it will be like this.
But, what are going to happen if it was nothing than the truth that was spoken by the needy at the very critical times of lives? I asked him for the purposes that make him so desperate to have the money. He later starts to describe his situation; he is in the 3rd year of study in UM and shall graduate in this August of 2009, he needs almost RM1000 for the fees, he is an orphanage with many siblings that can’t make any help to him. So, it makes me clear that he needs only RM500 to allow him to take the final exam. Its plain as a day.
I decided to help him out by giving him a 150USD via his Maybank account with a guarantee from him that he will never ever to move any step nearer to do that sinful thingy. I can’t make sure that he make the promise till the end or not. But, I’m sure that Allah will help him even more than I could. May Allah give him the best. Amin.
So, I’m looking your honour to give me any ideas on how to reduce the occurrence of such phenomenon like this in Malaysia. Just give me yours and try to apply it out. Thanks. Salam.

Tuesday, March 10

hAppInEss oF mInE


What is the sweetest moment that you have ever had? If that question was for me; family shall be my first and most deliberate response.
I was here almost 6 months and even more in case is someone read this after the date of my written. Indeed, I felt that I’m almost a year away from my native land. Suppose not to be weird for someone like me; never been to boarding school except my preparation class in Shahputra College in Kuantan.
My semester break starts on the last 4th March and I was heavily sneaking around to fill my precious time with my only friends here. Travelling around Egypt and tasting the variety of the servers here is most of all. However, once I came to Alexandria (my study place), the auld lang syne moments with my family in Malaysia just keep ringing inside of me and make the moments so fresh as I could still bare feel the presence of smell of my mum perfume, her voice and even the chirping of the birds which is odd in here. It let me feel s even more zest with the addition of the instrumental music that I commonly play via my radio in my private and confidential room. It’s too massive to be delivered about that felling like in home.
I’m pretty sure that most of the international student will stand with the same situation as mine. Only the moments that sealed as a background is the only variable that make each individuality feels special to one another and make it diverse to others.
I gave my mum a call yesterday. It’s as smooth as always and I asked everything as usual as every son could and should. I was even surprised by the latest of my relatives’ condition that makes me feel like an odd to be here. I even asked about my brother from one to other sequencely as I had up to 6 brothers (only 5 I have now). I even further my talk with my mum about each of them to keep my memories up to date with theirs’ progression as I’m theirs’ little boy.
My mum start to talk about my 3rd brother (uda), he is one of the most brother that I love the most and so admirable. He keeps me alert about the current issues of the world and the impact on Islam as all. Top of that, he’s also comes home for every week; such a routine of his decent life. Mum told me that he used to buy a box of ice cream home. It’s such an expensive food to be bought by my family. However, he make it possible for me during my time there in Malaysia. He answered that he bought that as it reminds of me (I used to ask him to buy it one for every time I meet him) as I love to enjoy the ice cream (La Cremia). I admit that I’m always on hunger if I even think of it. And once my mum told me that, I couldn’t even bare to stand my masculinity.
I start to remember the moment that I used to play with him. In fact, I’m the only in the brothers that has almost the same face and voice. It makes me feel so touch. I tried to call him. But, he was a little busy with the ummah for that time beings and make me sent him a message. I express my love to him by that. Then, I asked my mum to say thanks to him.
Uda! I’ll pray for the best of you and the ummah
Besides him, my others relatives have their own specialty to be jotted here. But, I want to preserve this only for him. Of course I love you all. None of the world could replace you in my sight of love as a one happy family. Highest gratitude given to all of you to raise me up to be such a good here. I hope that I shall be the one that u hope of. Salamun Bima Sabartom.

Wednesday, March 4

fOr thE current students of Segamat High SChool

This iS suppOse tO be delivered to my lovely school.............however, feel like im getting out of my time for that purpose................. this all the best i could lay my hand on.............. otherwise, i'm still a mere human that needs to have more improvemtns....................gotcha u my great teachers of my great scholl................hehehe.................salam

With the name of Allah the Almighty and the Most Merciful,

Dear my brothers and sisters of STS,

Assalamualaikum. Wish to have all the best from my beloved school and its well-known intelligent and decent, recent and current students. Not to forget my supportive and knowledgeable teachers of all disciplines line. I was very tempted to be there once again. But, it’s life that has to be a continuum as everyone has to be on the right path. The soul and body is two parts of mine that figuratively I was not there anymore. But, my soul is just sat and still there, undisturbed; having the assemblies, School’s day and every fascinating events, it will not pass without my presence. Shall my dear bro and sis could understand this later decorously.
Well, being an ex-student of Segamat High School (it’s used to express inside the, surely has left me a lot of milestone that everyone will never let their minds off it. I couldn’t even bare to forget it myself. And absolutely that I have no ideas on where to start on if I willing to tell any to you. It’s just a lot flashy nostalgia, ringing inside my head once I talk or even say about my secondary school. I’m sure that all of you will have the same sort of experience and happy, zest-time there as well as your seniors has without any exception. Let me know if you have none could you?
I wished to further my studies overseas before and I am now, thank Allah. Being one of the medical students has revealed me a lot of more adventurous experience about life, respect, dignity and even being a good teacher to teach about how to love and be loved. Not to say about my friendship. Unimaginable on how’s my life here; lot of tangible and intangible ‘stuff’ to be in hand before it starts and goes.
I did learn a lot here in Egypt and yet still learning here. Yup! Besides my curricular, I do even to have lots of ideas about the foundation of civilization even the recent great structure of the world. Ah…. Not to cite about the pyramid that I have no idea on why I’m not excited to, there’s a huge gigantic library here. Name after its location, ‘Bibiliotheca Alexandria’ is the one of the top rankings library in this world. And been here, was not about its mere location, it is allocated with thousands of manuscripts, books and even has a museum below it. I have no idea on how tall it is. For what I could tell is just that there will be none stop recipients list on single day will be. I do even could improve my linguistic skills here.
Dear bro and sis,
It’s just nothing more that I have achieved. It does have nothing to be proud of actually. However, the point that I really want to give, is about the foundation. I couldn’t be anywhere without it. Yes, even the most wonderful human ever lived will be a wuss and crap without it. To be more specific here, it’s about the foundation to the success ‘Respecting others’ especially the teachers.
I was thinking on what I could give if I was not the one who could respect them. They may think the same. The difference is just about what and why they need to teach you if you have no moral at all. Any of you must have an idea about it right? However, the most essential is on the how often you did so. I just really want to say this; ‘from where it goes’ will determine ‘to where it goes’, ‘’who we are’ is ‘what’s your hard work’.

My regards,

Muhammad Akmal bin Zakaria,
Former student of 5 science 2.