Saturday, July 9




Kaifa haluka?

It came up yesterday, just before im going to snooze (got tire revising patho), as I lay down on my couch, suddenly it came to me about a boy / gurl. That's really interesting to be talked of.

Bien sur, we are not speaking about his/her nature and identities at all (shhh.. its confidential) but really I would like to share some part of him/her that might be useful for us in becoming much lenient yet assure our lives.

Well, now-on, i shall speak about him/her by indicating the letter H (him/her). sorry, but its just got my hands ache to write it down many times.

There are some kinds of people that is really confuse about their lives'. (this includes me too.. :P )

to start of, let we know a little about confusion.

1. If we might ponder of, confuse means inability (or state of stumble) of individual to decide an actions corresponding to the nature & stimulus. this means, an act that inappropriate to the nature is a state of confusion too.

2. Now we shall seek the 'symptoms' that comes parallel to this state. They are:

i. Keep changing H thought for several times for petty reasons.

ii. Inability to respond to H surroundings (like clapping zestfully when people were mourning).

iii. Tries different things for a single leisure aspect with a reason of I don't feel like doing it from the start actually.

iv. Denying any actions that purely improper without a firm reasons.

v. Being unreasonable for most of H acts.

vi. Everyday, H keeps depressing as if there's not a day where the lucks is H's.

3. H are keen with their lives as well as 'concerning others lives' and H just can't stop comparing H to others and that demoralize them.

4. So, here come the major Q, what shall be done to these peoples. Here are some tips.

i. They need friends. Try to make-out one. If it may seems impossible, at least join this.

ii. Start to share and start to care about yourselves more than others. seek Help. an option is here.

iii. Know that everyone are confused, it's not just you.

That's all. Au revior et Ma'a salamah. wassalam

p.s.: This is just a scrap thought. feel free to flag it down.

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