Friday, July 8

Modern Pathology

(caricature is just as an imagination)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Bonjour. C'est bonne matin pour j'ecris une article du Habitants problemes.

Encore, readily, once i'm reading the pathology it just let me think about the current muslim problems that had happened all around the world especially here (pointing to my heart).

So as a starter, i really like to name it as MUSLIM CONFUSION. but, ever-since this doesn't include all (whole) muslim entities; it really need a different un-provoke-able name as MY CONFUSION. (writing about ourselves lowers down others voices iA)

So, thats me.. being confused all day long standing there doing nothing. deliberately, no intention of dragging people into my confused state had been offered. it's just a sharing.

well, shall we see what had been buzzing me lately. simply there are only few big stuffs crossing ahead for instance;

1. Syiah, Wahabi & Salafi

Not interested to clarify them down, you really could ask any of the preachers for better grasps.

Yet, i would like to say few words about Syiah and what made Me been confused by it. It is one of the most path in Islam (claimed to be) that offered much and very much rukhsah as:

a. Nikah Mut'aah (that had been said to be legalized prostitution)
b. Solat Jamak (whole solats could be performed once at night)
c. Broad unanimosity

It later came to me to think about what happened actually, and after seeking some answers it was really happened before, but it had been outlawed by Allah later on. (still seeking the ayyah for this).

and its really sense-full enough to say when someone got horny. they should get married. but if its been outlawed. is it just a matter of chastity then?

well remember this 2.

i. being a slave to the God is about showing our devotion to him against whatever He tells us not to follow and obliged what had been told. it gives inner satisfaction.

ii. indeed sometime, sex had been too much irresistible, actually, you have and must to get married.

and there are other more suitable answers for it if we shall read more later on.

2. Political insensibility (Palestinian, Lebanon, Middle East upraising etc)

It's crucial to note them indeed to respond to these things. but never to forget the priority of syariah. which of which comes in line.

3. Economy

4. Social needs

actually, knowing MY CONFUSION is not the matter that i wanna draw you into. It's about how I could manage it. so shall later we see what suppose to be managed and how?

Who's role is it?


Syafinaz Alizaini said...

pathology is the study of disease.

you're talking about inner disease huh?
mind illness? racial conflicts. religions.

endless conversation. (?)

owh, rajin plak kau berblog nowadays.keep it up :)

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