Friday, April 15

A loaflet to be nibble

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hari ini pergi Majlis Transisi Kepimpinan,

Lot of wisdom words ive heard today,

~ada junior ni tnyer.

Abng akmal, saya nak tanyer sikit. kenapa abng akmal skunk ni makin bahagia dan badan makin besar. Adakah abng dah jumpa calon yang dapat menjanjikan 3 perkara yang abang nak tu.

i just could smile and replied something.

~then ada seorang berkata waktu ambil hadiah.

Wah, akmal pon dah nak jadi sheikh dah.

I just could smile and ponder about what he thinks.

~lepas tu ada junior cakap pasal my result

I replied him nice.

thats not wat ive been thinking.. cuma this wat opened me up.

Peoples, sometimes, we think that we've did a right thing indeed we are not yet well acquainted with the TRUTH that we are not there. not even a step (in most cases)

and, we love to ponder (at least), and speak wat we've think right. but HOW FAR DID WE'VE WALKED OUR THOUGHTS?

thats a problem.

saying good thing is nice. but,our 2nd thought will lead us to feel bad and good at a time; once we did say and did not meant it. ahhh...

Faith, Believe, Thoughts, Actions, Wills and Hope are stuffs that not easily to be Tamed down into a coffee table to sip. haha

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